The Tiny Wives Club

  1. The Best Show on WFMU Insults: 2009-2011

    A fairly complete list of direct insults lobbied at Tom Scharpling by various characters from roughly 2009 to 2011:

    "It was part ape part party machine."

    "You yutz-knuckle."

    "You tele-dummy."

    "You genius-dummy."

    "You cut-out-dummy."

    "You franken-dummy."

    "You sub basic cable-dummy."

    "You sylveta-dummy."

    "You buddha-dummy."

    "You papal-dummy."

    "You visa-dummy."

    "You jugga-dummy."

    "You soren-dummy."

    "You prog-dummy."

    "You death metal-dummy."

    "You youth culture-dummy."

    "You relative-dummy."

    "You hardware-dummy."

    "You reggae-dummy."

    "You devo-dummy."

    "You jam band-dummy."

    "You bluza-dummy."

    "You boogie-dummy."

    "You consolidated-dummy."

    "You cougar-dummy."

    "You Hoboken-dummy."

    "You culin-dummy."

    "You astro-dummy."

    "You Santana-dummy."

    "You cine-dummy."

    "You jazz fusion-dummy."

    "You pre prog rock-dummy."

    "You movie dummy."

    "You Tubeway-dummy."

    "You Dynasty elder-dummy."

    "You ice cream-dummy."

    "You photo-dummy."

    "You Ratta-dummy."

    "That’s not your real voice, turn off your voice modulator."

    "You ink pouch idiot"

    "You fudge-munch."

    "You stink-munch."

    "You butt-munch."

    "You dip-munch."

    "Zip your soup cooler you munch."

    "El munch."

    "You jack-munch."

    "Baron Von munch houseman."

    "You Zoso-munch."

    "You tele-munch."

    "You sad ball-munch."

    "Post office orafice."

    "I forgot this is a high school radio show."

    "You dip-nit."

    "You Eygpta-dip."

    "You Ratt-dip."

    "You munch-dip."

    "You critic-dip."

    "You num-yutz."

    "You nit-yentz."

    "You jack-nintz."

    "You jugga-dope."

    "You dinka donk."

    "You Idi-jerk."

    "You silly dilly pickle."

    "You’re a dunk."

    "You dink."

    "You dil weed."

    "You piece of fuuuuuuudge."

    "You fart."

    "You bald ape."

    "Go die."